Disinfection Tunnel

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Our Disinfection tunnels are made of high-quality materials and designed to support the global community to fight against Coronavirus as this technology effectively kills germs by passing through them.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 300 X 120 X 240 cm


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Our disinfection tunnel can be custom made and equipped with high-quality nozzles functioning by spraying eco-friendly and human safe disinfectant on staff and visitors as they pass through them.

Our disinfection tunnels are designed using motion sensor-based automated technology and powerful mist producing motor with 24 nozzles for effective spray ensures perfect sanitization. Dubai Municipality Approved chemicals can be used for our disinfection tunnels having large tank capacity.

We also custom design and manufacture disinfection tunnels as per your requirements and specifications.

Our disinfection tunnel can serve many sectors like Malls, banking, educational institutions, factories, government offices and many more.

Dimensions – 3m Long X 1.2m Wide X 2.4m Height


FlowPumpPressureMotorMotor PowerMotor RpmNoise with PressureMaintains timeRemote ControlNozzle Carry Qty (0.15mm)Cooling Size
FG-1501.5L/min3 pistons70Bar/1000psi110V~240V180W1400/50Hz56db800-1000hYes16~40pcs20M2-100M2
Dimensions300 × 120 × 240 cm

Normal Pump, Sound Proof Pump


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