Rectangular Floor Sticker

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Floor stickers can be used to create awareness about social distancing in public places and also serve as an indicator for maintaining a safe distance.

Minimum Order: 5 Pieces
Dimension: 60cm x 40cm

Price doesn’t include shipping or VAT.

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Our rectangular floor stickers are laminated with high-quality floor lamination that increases durability, anti-slip properties and lasting colours. They come in 4 different designs and bright colours and are best at grabbing attention and conveying the message effectively. We also take orders for custom branded floor stickers.

Areas of Use

Malls, Grocery Shops, Retail stores, telecom service providers, government offices, metro stations and all other public places.

Size – 60cm x 40cm

Dimensions60 × 40 cm

SF9, SF10, SF11, SF12


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