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Banners are an easy and affordable advertising solution. They can be used to promote a big event, advertise your business or welcome visitors to a business conference or any other event.

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Chrysels offers a variety of banner printing solutions to suit all your advertising needs. You can choose from 3 different fabric option depending on the usage and installation location of the banner.

  1. Mesh PVC Banner: Banners with small holes to allow wind to pass through. These are primarily used as a one-sided sign outside. Created with UV, abrasion-resistant ink, they are more resistant to tearing.
  2. Backlit Flex: Used for application in MUPI, Signages, Lightboxes. Used widely in both outdoor and indoor areas. Printed in various methods such as UV, solvent etc.
  3. PVC Banners: Are the most common type of product you will come across in day-to-day. Economical and extensively used for short and long duration purpose. Available in various width up to 5m width without any joints.
Banner Material

Mesh PVC Banner, Backlit Flex, PVC Banner


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