Leather Keychain USB Flash Drive

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Forget your worries of losing your flash drive through our premium Leather Keychain USB Flash Drive. These custom-designed flash drives have a huge storage, plus it promotes brand awareness for your company too. Effortless marketing has never been easier!

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One thing that almost everyone on the planet uses is a Flash drive and the number of ones everyone loses is innumerable as well. We’ve finally put an end to it through our premium Leather Keychain USB Flash Drive. You can hook the drive onto your key ring and voila, never lose another important drive ever again!

The custom flash drive has an immense memory space of 4, 8, and 16 GB storage that’ll allow you to save an enormous amount of files. You can customize these and make it an effective marketing tool by engraving your brand name and logo onto it, so from now, if anyone looks at your keyring, they’ll know about your brand. Call it effortless marketing.


Material: Leather & Metal
Size: 110 x 28 mm
Capacity: 4, 8 & 16 GB.

Printing Options :

Laser Engraving
Screen Printing


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Storage Capacity

4 GB, 8GB