Handheld Portable Deep UV Sterilizer

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Let us keep you safe and confident with our Handheld Portable Deep UV Sterilizer! Effectively killing 99.9 disease-causing pathogens, safeguard yourself from the pandemic with little to no effort.

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Our Handheld Portable Deep UV Sterilizer is designed to be used with little to no effort, offering extreme convenience to our customers. Its compact size allows one to store it in small spaces such as jeans’ pockets or ladies’ wallets even! Manufactured with high-quality, you need not worry about it malfunctioning and leaving you stranded.

Ideal for travel use, offices, and anywhere you want to take it.


  • Size: 125 x 30 x 15 m
  • Weight: 30g
  • Battery: 400mA
  • Charging: DC-5V
  • Charging Time: about 1 hour
  • Disinfection: Ultraviolet
  • Wavelength: 200~275nm
  • Working time: 5 min (self-power outage)

Printing Options:

  1. UV Printing
  2. Screen Printing