Q Stand with Velvet Rope

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Chrome Q-Stand is an elegant option to control queues at gatherings such as exhibitions, art galleries, and clubs among many other events.

Made of Stainless Steel.

Available in 2 colors.

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Made of steel, Chrome Q-Stand with a base 7 kg cast iron provides continuous solid stability. The top of the steel is a stainless steel dome and circular ring with 4 slots to make it easy for you to guide queues in various directions with the help of safety hooks provided at both ends of the velvet rope.

Stand Height:  90 cm
Base Diameter: 36 cm
Rope Length: 150 cm
Rope Color: Red and Blue

Hardware Quantity

2 X Post & Base + 1 Velvet Rope 1.5m, 3 X Post & Base + 2 Velvet Rope 1.5m, 4 X Post & Base + 3 Velvet Rope 1.5m, 5 X Post & Base + 4 Velvet Rope 1.5m, 6 X Post & Base + 5 Velvet Rope 1.5m, 7 X Post & Base + 6 Velvet Rope 1.5m, 8 X Post & Base + 7 Velvet Rope 1.5m, 9 X Post & Base + 8 Velvet Rope 1.5m, 10 X Post & Base + 9 Velvet Rope 1.5m