Promo Stand with Pole System

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Say hi to a different version of a promotional stand, Promotional Stand with Pole System.
Position your brand through the distinctive shape of the Pole system and increase your conversion rate of customers.

Price includes Custom Branding & Design

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Promotional Stand with Pole System is a variation that’s perfect for every kind of retail promotion. It’s a robust design of an aluminum construct, with an inner built shelf to store items.

Gaining the interest of those far away has never been easier because of the distinctive shape of the stand that can gauge the attention of people far away. This is because of the advantage of branding the logo of your company at the top of the pole. Also, it doesn’t hurt the fact that it’s portable and easy to assemble!

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Promotional stand with Pole System

(Complete set including the Round Shelf, Grey Header For Seed Promo Stand and the Inner Shelf for Seed Promo Stand Dispenser – A4)

Transportation bag is available upon request.