Acrylic Easel and Frameless Picture Holder 10 x 15 cm

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Mold your imagination come to life through our Acrylic Easel and Frameless Picture Holder. The clarity of the acrylic allows for the vibrance of your graphic to come through. Easy to use, it’s ideal for museums, retail shops, cafes ad restaurants.

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Our Acrylic Easel and Frameless Picture Holder makes your imagination come to life. Its vibrant graphics make for a greater impact on your customers. Designed for versatility and ease of use, it has a significant advantage as it saves space because of its small footprint.

All you need to do is slip the paper onto the display, it’s sleek as ever and good to go! Because of the professional look, you can use it at museums, hotels, cafes, or even at exhibitions, it’s entirely up to you.

Let’s not forget that it’s effortless to clean and won’t deteriorate over time.

Offered Size

  1. H-10 x W-15 CMS


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